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Company Name Kuze Co, Ltd.
Address 2-29-7, Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Telephone Number 03-3987-0018(Main), 03-3987-0011 (Receiving orders)
Representative President Kenkichi Kuze
Founded April, 1934
Incorporated January, 1950
Paid-in Capital JPY302.25Million
Business Outline Foods distribution to Foods service industry
Supply food ingredients and non food products to food service industries such as Hotels, Community Centers, Restaurants, Pub Restaurants, Fast-Foods Restaurants, Catering , Delicatessen, Inflight Meal Services etc.
Propose menu and recipes
Sales throgh Catalog-sales sysytem
Management (As of July, 2014)
Director, President
Director, Vice President
Senior Managing Director
External Board Member
Corporate Auditor
External Auditor
External Auditor
 Kenkichi Kuze
 Shinya Kuze
 Toshiyuki Matsuzaki
 Mikio Kamata
 Hirotada Kato
 Akihiko Goto
 Tsutomu Kuribayashi
 Hideo Ito
 Hirofumi Ooshika
 Akihiko Waida 
Number of Employees Consolidated 402 (as of March 31, 2014)
Non-consolidated 290 (as of March 31, 2014)
Sales Turnover Consolidated JPY62.2 Billion ( Fiscal year March, 2014)
Subsidiary Companies Foods Manufacturing
Manufacturing Sauce, Bouillon, Soup, Processed foods
Kisco Foods Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturing Sauce etc.
Kisco Foods International Limited

Sales of Fresh Vegetables
Kuze Fresh One Co.,Ltd.

Overseas Subsidiary (Corporation)
Kuze(Hong Kong) Co.,Limited

Foods Distribution for Food service industry
Kuze(Chengdu) Trading Co., Ltd.

Fishery Products Broker
Asahi Suisan Co.,Ltd.
Offices and Distribution Centers See the attached list


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